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    High quality and unlimited possibilities of 3d printed models thanks to advanced DLP method

    The difference betwen DLP 3d printed parts and FDM 3d printed parts is that the DLP parts much better quality than the FDM parts. Additionally DLP provides smooth walls and can be use in the casting process. The best example is lost-wax method of casting, where the core of mold is printed of wax -like material and then burned-out without ash. The main product out of this technolgoy is jewelry.

    DLP 3d printing process gives quality on 30 microns level and smoothness of walls unattainable for the FDM method.

    Applied technology

    DLP DLP is a technology in which resin is cured by digital UV light. In this method we receive the high quality parts with smooth surface finish of the walls.
    Important advantage of this technology is possibilityes to use special resin, which is used in lost-wax process. The material we use, after burning out, hardly ever leaves ash.
    Here are our realisations in DLP
    Wall smoothness
    Material Strenght
    Easy to working
    Temperature resistance
    Average lead time

    Do You need professional 3d printing
    in good price?

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