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  • The bow-tie SLS

    Complicated structure and high durability

    The SLS method allows us to made parts with complex structure, unattainable for the rest of methods. Additionaly parts made in SLS of DuraForm material have high durability.

    The SLS is one of the most comprehensive additive manufacturing technology.

    Applied technology

    SLS is a Selective laser sintering method which is one of the most popular 3d printing technologies. This method involves sintering of plastic powder by the ray of the laser. The model is built layer upon layer, with the powder constantly distributed by the driver.
    This method allows 3d printing of the bigger size parts with high strength used in industry. Parts can be just for the demonstration or to use as a functional product in process.
    Here you are our realisations in SLS
    Wall smoothness
    Material Strength
    Easy to working
    Temperature resistance
    Average lead time

    Do You need professional 3d printing
    in good price?

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