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    Printed of rubber-like material gasket
    Specially for PRz Racing Team

    The Contest of Formula Student is a prestige competition organized by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and SAE Internartional.The task for the contestants is to design and build, and build car/bolide which will be racing in Formula 1 tracks.

    Jelwek provided Prz Racing Team with 3D printing parts, like the gasket of rubber-like material NinjaFlex. It was nesseccary to restricted rules and finding the way to lose weight – which forced designers to use additive methods in parts making.

    The NinjaFlex material has similar mechanical properties to rubber and it melts in 235 °C. That is why we decided to use in intake system of the internal combustion engine. The gaskets were designed in three sizes. The whole system is 100% hermetic, even when it works on 200 MPa pressure. The low part of the air intake was printed by the Jelwek company out of PLA material- with the require hardness for this of application.

    Applied technology

    Technology FDM,  which stands for Fused Depositions Modeling is one of the additive methods of manufacturing. It is based on plasticizing polymers with high temperature and fusing layer upon layer to up, until we receive the finished model.
    FDM alowes us to use many of materials. Some of then is strong and hard, some sofl and flexible. There are also materials, for example ones that after printing look like wood.
    Here are our realisations in FDM
    Wall smoothness
    Material Strength
    Easy to working
    Temperature resistance
    Average lead time

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