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    3D Printing from non-standard materials

    Designed by Jelwek company Jelwek Watch is a good example how the 3d printed parts can be implemented to normal life.

    This gadget shows how non-standard material can be used in this case to make wood like watches. The material is PLA with wood dust – which looks like real wood. Curosity is that this material gives diffrent brown colors, which is depends on printing temperature (if temp go up material was becomes darker)

    Applied technology

    Technology FDM,  which stands for Fused Depositions Modeling is one of the additive methods of manufacturing. It is based on plasticizing polymers with high temperature and fusing layer upon layer to up, until we receive the finished model.
    FDM alowes us to use many of materials. Some of then is strong and hard, some sofl and flexible. There are also materials, for example ones that after printing look like wood.
    Here are our realisations in FDM
    Wall smoothness
    Material Strength
    Easy to working
    Temperature resistance
    Average lead time

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    in good price?

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