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    We transform ideas into reality

    In 1984 year world saw the first 3d printer designed by Charles Hull, which funded 3D System company. Then, one by one 3d printers were placed to technical university and for little group of companies. Over time, when the industry became more experienced in printing sale of 3d printers grown up and 3d printing market also. Nowadays, almost every day we can see new application for 3d printing. Most popular field of implementation is medicine, architecture, automotive and aircraft industry. Where usage of a 3d printer allows to get faster and cheaper production. Especially concerning prototyping and model used for test.

    The second revolution took place in 2005 when Dr. Adrian Bowyer designed first model of the open-source printer called RepRap . His project became new era of 3d printers, where everyone can build their own 3d printer.

    These days many other technologies of additive manufacturing can be used. We are limited only by our imagination in creating new projects. That is why Jelwek does everything to make your dreams come true. Our working area is whole Europe, where we provide 3d printing service.