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    3D Printing is our passion and profession

    TThat is why You can expect a lot more from us.

    The professionalists of CAD modeling, 3d printing and post-procesing of the printed parts


    Company Jelwek Sp. Z o.o. is on 3d prinrintg market since June 2013. Due to the work with many different printes, we received nessecary experience in prototyping production.

    We offer complex service from design, through 3d printing and post-procesing of the finished parts. We value contact with our client and satisfaction of our customers is extremely important for us. We do not reject any orders- we make them all, from samll parts to serial industrial printing.

    We believe thateveryone can be a part of 3D Printing World.

    Do You need professional 3d printing
    in good price?