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  • 3D Printing Materials

    To meet customer’s demands we offer

    a ragne of materials for 3D printing

    Materials, which we use in 3d printing 

    FDM/FFF technology: : 

    • ASB- our basic material, used in general printed prototypesów
    • PLA- applied in big size models, characterized by low shrinkage after printing, allowed to contact with food
    • Laywood/Woodfill- wood-like material, where base is PLA and PHA with wood dust
    • Elastomers- robber-like material imitateing rubber parts having a high flexibilty. Hardness is 85ShA and 75ShA.
    • HIPS- High impact polystyrene, material with low shrinkage, used for models with large dimensions
    • ABS+ – material with high mechanical strength


    DLP (light-curing resins) technology:

    • MakerJuice SF- perfect for print big size models in high resolution
    • MakerJucie G+- resin with higher strength than SF
    • B9R-1- resin for high quality parts, used in lost-wax methods (burnout without ash)

    SLS methods:

    • DuraForm ProX- hard, strength plastic intended to engeenier usage, results in a high quality and huge mechanical properties.

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